The SCofTT spends a lot of time on his music. A piece of his heart and soul are embedded in each song. The studio is where it all happens. It is the place where he feels right at home. A lot of time, funds and energy have been invested to achieve the best possible set up, whith maximum stability and uptime, ease of use and unlimited possibilities for creating some crazy ass beats.


The studio is equipped with a state of the art sound system for both making crazy noise just for the heck of it and more importantly, for precise monitoring. At the heart of the studio lies a computer with the latest generation processor and memory technology, which is not a luxury for music production. On this power house resides a state of the art DAW that has been comfortably loaded with instruments, effects, samples and lots more that offers endless possibilities as a whole. A 42 inch 4k screen is hooked up to this set-up in order to keep track of what is going on. This may seem overdone, but it is more or less a neccessity in stead of a luxury. Even on top of this whipped cream are some cherries… in terms of a very nice headphone, two analogue keyboard synthesizers and one drum synth, all connected and integrated. Within this professional environment The SCofTT is familiar with all commonly used techniques like sound design, automation, fx, sampling, mixer routing, sidechaining, mixing, mastering and many more.


Over the years the SCofTT has developed his own music production method, which he calls producing ‘the organic way’. It means he starts working on a new track without a specific end result in mind. In stead, the objective is to begin with the core of the music and than work to the outside. First, for each project a couple of parameters are set, like the bpm, the instruments, samples, effects or even pre sets to use, or whatever other idea comes to mind. Working within parameters has the same effect as throwing a stone in a pond on its water: it influences the end result hugely. When parameters have been set the next step is playing around with melodies and instruments to create something freaky, crazy and cool. This input is used to build the core of the new track. Than, piece by piece, the song will grow by adding stuff before, after, on top, on the bottom and on the side of the core, which creates a snowball effect. When the song starts to become mature the finetuning phase has arrived consisting mainly of mixing, fixing and mastering. In order to stay in touch with the soul of the music it is important to finish this process preferably within one, or a couple of days. The end result should be a satisfactory draft. Subsequently, this is what is published on Soundcloud. It is the beginning of a process of listening and adjusting. Preferably by as many people as possible and in as many different environments as possible (eg. in the living room, on the phone, in the car). This will genererate as much feedback as possible and this enables finetuning that can take a track to a whole new level. In a nutshell this is The SCofTT’s Organic Production Method.

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